Blog tour: ‘An Uncommon Blue’

R.C. Hancock and Cedar Fort Publishing & Media are pleased to announce the “An Uncommon Blue” blog tour, which will run from December 10-24, 2014.

If you’re interested in participating in this blog tour, please email us or leave a comment below.

About the book:

In a society where the color of a person’s palm determines their social class, Bruno goes from favored to fugitive when he kills a Royal Guard to save a boy’s life. If he wants to survive, Bruno has to learn to accept the lower colors. A thrilling blend of fantasy and adventure perfect for readers everywhere.

An Uncommon Blue blog tour

About the author:

RC (Really Cool) Hancock began his writing career with a story about a dead cat which his second grade teacher thought was brilliant. Convincing others of his literary genius has taken longer than expected, but along the road he has acquired a lovely wife, four entertaining ankle-biters (who, thankfully, look more like their mother), and a degree from BYU in Recreational Management & Youth Leadership (which means he’s really good at having fun.) An Uncommon Blue is his first novel.

“An Uncommon Blue” blog tour schedule:

December 10: Wishful Endings • GeoLibrarian • Laura Walker
December 11: I Love to Read and Review Books • Bloggin’ ’bout Books • This Great Perhapsless
December 12: Mel’s Shelves • My Book a Day • Literary Timeout
December 13: Reading for Sanity
December 14: I Want to be the Pig of Happiness
December 15: The Phantom Paragrapher • Author Tracker • The Art of Infiltration
December 16: Fire and Ice
December 17: Deal Sharing Aunt • Book Club Sisters • Crossroad Reviews
December 18: Mom Loves 2 Read
December 19: Bookworm Lisa
December 20: Readalot
December 21: Read For Your Future
December 22: Katie’s Clean Book Collection • Jorie Loves a Story
December 23: Author Jodi Woody
December 24:

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    I can do any date for a review. Thanks!
    Katie’s Clean Book Collection

    • August 15, 2014 at 6:59 am

      You are scheduled to review on December 22nd. Thank you!

    • November 25, 2014 at 1:46 pm

      You are scheduled to review on the 24th. Thank you!

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