2013 Holiday Contest: Call For Submissions

Cedar Fort is looking for story contributions to pamphlets and small gift books. Winning submissions will be published in Oct. 2013, and winners will receive a $500 advance. If you’re interested, you may submit your story to submissions@cedarfort.com and put in “holiday tale” in the entry line.

Please Submit your titles by January 21, 2013.

Thanks for your interest!

Cedar Fort Marketing

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20 Responses

  1. Aparajita
    Aparajita at |

    Can international writers submit in this?

  2. Peggy
    Peggy at |

    I was wondering if you are looking for specific genres? Adult or YA? Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, or….is anything okay?

    Thank You,
    Peggy :)

  3. Rebekah Grow
    Rebekah Grow at |

    Is there a particular theme? I am assuming it’s a Christmas type of story?

  4. Stephanie Skeem
    Stephanie Skeem at |


    I was just wondering if this contest is for fiction or non fiction?


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    […] by R.K. Grow Standard Cedar Fort Publishing has a open call for submissions right now to their Holiday Writing Contest. They are looking for story contributions for pamphlets (500-5,000 words) and small gift books […]

  6. Breanna
    Breanna at |

    Is it ok if i send my story on the day before or day of? or is that way to late?

  7. Lauri Schoenfeld
    Lauri Schoenfeld at |


    I sent my submission in last night and I got email back saying there was a delay? I just want to make sure you recieve it. Have you recieved anything from me yet, otherwise I will try to resend it again. Thank you!

  8. Jaime
    Jaime at |

    So, do we know the winners yet?

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