November 2016 New Releases from Cedar Fort!

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Tiny Talks: Choose the Right

Heidi Doxey

Teach with the joy and purpose of Primary using Tiny Talks. Based on the inspired Primary theme for 2017, this book includes activities, songs, scriptures, anecdotes, and visual aids for every lesson of the year-this is the perfect resource for parents, leaders, and teachers alike!

9781462119486, 1462119484 $8.99 USD, $10.99 CAD Paperback, Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, CFI 96 pages 6inW | 9inH


Choose the Right: A Year of Prepared Family Night Lessons and Activities to Strengthen Your Home

Kimiko Christensen Hammari

Bring the Primary theme for 2017 into your home with a year of prepared family nights. This book is the perfect solution for busy families. Each week you’ll find a complete lesson, songs, scriptures, treat ideas, and activity options for both younger and older children. Don’t let a busy schedule keep your family from gathering each Monday night.

9781462119530, 1462119530 $14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD Paperback, Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, CFI 160 pages 6inW | 6inH

fheasy-9781462118694-webFHEasy: A Year of Weekly Teachings and Daily Devotionals

Christina Shelley Albrecht

Everything you need for family home evening. With this easy-to-use resource, watch your FHEs become stress-free, fun, and educational for everyone in your family, from children to teens. Spend less time preparing and more time being with your family.

9781462118694, 1462118690 $16.99 USD, $19.99 CAD Paperback, Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, CFI 256 pages 8.5inW | 11inH


The History of Joseph Smith by His Mother

Lucy Mack Smith, with commentary by Susan Easton Black, and paintings by Liz Lemon Swindle

With illuminating commentary from Church historian Susan Easton Black and magnificent illustrations from artist Liz Lemon Swindle, Lucy Mack Smith’s beloved biography of her son Joseph Smith comes alive. The testimonies of these three women transform this age-old history into a contemporary witness of the Prophet.

9781462119509, 1462119506 $35.99 USD, $42.00 CAD Hardcover, Biography & Autobiography \ Religious, CFI 336 pages 8inH | 10inW


Prophet Joseph’s 1-2-3s

Kristena Eden, Illustrated by Linda Silvestri

From ONE true Church to FOUR visits from the Angel Moroni, have fun counting aloud with your children with this picture book. Introduce them to the stories of Joseph Smith and the Restoration as you begin building the foundation for their testimonies!

9781462119493, 1462119492 $14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD Hardcover, Juvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Learning Concepts, CFI 32 pages 10inW | 8inH

9781462119202Mission Man: Life Lessons from a CIA Operative

B.D. Foley

Retired CIA operative B. D. Foley has learned a thing or two about being a man, especially a better man-mostly from great ideas gone wrong. Through these stories filled with humor and intrigue from the field, discover how to gain self-control and inner grit, use spy techniques to get a girlfriend, and sleep without being swallowed by a python! Let Mission: Man commence!

9781462119202, 1462119204 $14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD Paperback, Humor \ Form \ Essays, Plain Sight 224 pages 6inW | 9inH


365 Days of Doodles

Brantz Woolsey

Exercise your creativity muscles all year with this compact doodle journal of 365 drawing prompts! From spilled milk to a shark in a mug, these fun ideas will help you hone your sketching skills while increasing your creativity and saving your sanity. Go ahead-doodle your way to delirium.

9781462118601, 1462118607 $13.99 USD, $15.99 CAD Paperback, Art, Plain Sight 192 pages 6inW | 9inH


No Peace with the Dawn: A Novel of the Great War

E.B. Wheeler and Jeffery Bateman

In 1917, the Great War seems far from Logan, Utah. But soon it will change the lives of mechanic and suffragette Clara, Swiss-German immigrant and LDS convert Trudi, Marine Corps volunteer Reed, and Shoshone seeking U.S. citizenship Joseph. This novel weaves real events with compelling fictional characters into a sweeping tale of war, romance, self-discovery, and sacrifice.

9781462119004, 146211900X $17.99 USD, $21.00 CAD Paperback, Fiction \ Romance \ Historical \ 20Th Century, Bonneville 304 pages 6inW | 9inH


To Suit a Suitor

Paula Kremser

Julia North is at a ball in her third London season when she is jilted. Again. With her younger sister announcing her engagement that night, all Julia wants is to escape London and marriage altogether. But when she meets Henry Chamberlain, the most eligible (yet emotionally unavailable) bachelor of Barrington, both Julia and Henry’s attempts to avoid suitors has them re-evaluating life and love. Fall in love all over again in this delightful regency romance.

9781462119332, 1462119336 $8.99 USD, $10.99 CAD Paperback, Fiction \ Romance \ Historical \ Regency, Sweetwater 256 pages 4.25inW | 7inH


Love and Fat-Free Cheese

Crissy Sharp

Fat-free cheese is okay-unless you’ve tasted real cheese. Juliet Easton learns this about love too as she uncovers who truly loves her, and who is using her to get to the secret she knows about the disappearance of her sister’s fiance and the pharmaceutical conspiracy he plans to reveal. Can she protect her loved ones’ lives and her heart? You’ll be hooked from Asiago to Zamorano cheese in this suspenseful and hilarious romantic thriller.

9781462119394, 1462119395 $15.99 USD, $18.99 CAD Paperback, Fiction \ Romance \ Suspense, Sweetwater 304 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH


Allies of Ignorance (E-Book)

Lara Hues

Ketan Doss isn’t like everyone else in Ed-More, but if anyone found out, they’d make him disappear. Tragedy attacks, and Ketan finds himself in a forced friendship with Rhett, the school rebel. Ketan discovers his own abilities and his own identity as a shapeshifter; a Tarian. Scrambling to rebuild a dying species, Ketan must work with human and Tarian alike to find the others like him, reveal the lies that bind them, and find a way to overcome his own inhibitions.

File Size: 2211 KB, Print Length: 154 pages

October 2016 New Releases from Cedar Fort!

The latest from Cedar Fort for October 2016!

We are excited to be the distributors for the Saturday’s Warrior movie and soundtrack! Available now!

713419197529Saturday’s Warrior (movie)

Saturday’s Warrior, a musical fantasy that originated on the stage in 1974 with music by Lex de Azevedo and book and lyrics by Doug Stewart, is based on the idea that we existed before we were born into this life, in a realm where we not only had relationships with others with whom we would share our earthly journey but that we might even have made promises to them. Saturday’s Warrior is also the age-old story of a prodigal son struggling to find himself as he faces temptation, family expectations, and the changing values of the time.

713419197529DVD: $24.99 USD, $28.99 CADBlu-Ray: $29.99 USD, $34.99 CAD

Saturday’s Warrior Movie Soundtrack

Saturday’s Warrior Special Edition Motion Picture Soundtrack CD. Your favorite Saturday’s Warrior songs like you’ve never heard them before! Includes all the brand new songs from the film and beautiful instrumental tracks from the score.
713419197765, 713419197765CD-ROM: $17.99 USD, $21.00 CADMusic \ Religious \ Contemporary Christian

9781462119431A Letter to Mary: The Savior’s Loving Letter to His Mother

by Jason F. Wright

Without Mary, there is no Christ. Join the Savior as He writes a loving letter to His mother, reflecting on her life, the night of the Nativity, and their eternal legacy. This Christmas, revisit the beautiful stories of the Messiah and Mary, through Christ’s eyes, and experience the heartwarming spirit of the holiday season.
9781462119431, 1462119433$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverReligion \ Holidays \ Christmas & AdventCFI, 64 pages, 6.5inW | 6.5inH | 1inTh

9781462119707Kennedy’s Hugs   

by Jason Hansen, Heather Hansen

After her terminal diagnosis, Kennedy’s life would never be the same. But even as her body broke down, her heart never failed, nor did her ability to love. With each precious passing day, more people witnessed her faith and kindness uniting her community and spreading to millions around the world. Now you can experience firsthand this incredible true story of unfailing optimism, real miracles, and Kennedy’s inspiring legacy of love.
9781462119707, 1462119700
$17.99 USD, $21.00 CADPaperbackBiography & Autobiography \ ReligiousPlain Sight, 304 pages, 6inW | 9inH

sacrament-is-for-me_9781462118809_webThe Sacrament Is for Me   

by Jessica B. Ellingson, Illustrated by Chase Jensen

The sacrament is the most important part of the Sabbath day-and our week. Teach your little ones about the sacred sacrament and how they can apply it in their everyday lives, from the playground to piano lessons. Help your children start each week right and understand the reason behind the reverence of Jesus’s eternal sacrifice, love, and example.
9781462118809, 1462118801
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ ChristianCFI, 32 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462118311Masters of Light: Coming unto Christ through Inspired Devotional Art   

by Herman du Toit

Discover the masterworks by renowned artists such as Carl Bloch and Bertel Thorvaldsen that have inspired Christian believers worldwide. Learn how these artworks have brought many to Christ and what they can teach us about realism, beauty, and truth. Acclaimed museum educator Herman du Toit’s book is filled with insightful commentary and beautiful full-color artwork that will richly reward the reader and inspire a strengthened relationship with Christ.
9781462118311, 1462118313
$29.99 USD, $34.99 CADHardcoverReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 208 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462119219I Know Journal

by Al Carraway

As recent LDS convert Al Carraway says, “The best way to strengthen your testimony is to bear it. Even if it’s just to yourself.” Track your personal testimony in this beautiful cloth journal from Al, complete with monthly stickers. Record your thoughts, line upon line, month after month, discovering what you believe and who you’ve become!
9781462119219, 1462119212
$19.99 USD, $22.99 CADHardcover JournalCFI, 208 pages, 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


defender-of-the-family_9781462118212_webDefenders of the Family   

by Ben White, Jay Fontano (Illustrated by)

Defenders of the Family, assemble! God’s magnificent plan for us rests upon the strength of the family. In this engaging children’s book, discover the roles and teachings needed to unite your family, from devoted parents to extended members, all centered on the power of the gospel. Help your children see their families as they can be: incredible, empowered, eternal followers of Jesus.
9781462118212, 1462118216
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Family & RelationshipsCFI, 32 pages, 8inW | 10inH | 1inTh

9781462119424You’ve Got This!: How to Look Up When Life Has You Down   

by Al Carraway, Hank Smith, Elise Hahl, Zandra Vranes, Tamu Smith, Chad Hymas, Whitney Wilcox Laycock, Dallas Lloyd

Life is tough, but so are you! Learn how to work through life’s trials with advice from popular youth speakers, including Hank Smith and Al Carraway, who have endured a few challenges of their own. This encouraging book will help you see trials as essential stepping-stones to becoming who you’re destined to be.
9781462119424, 1462119425
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CADPaperbackJuvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian \ InspirationalCFI, 128 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

9781462119455Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier Boxed Set   

by David J. Ridges

Scripture study made easy, enlightening, and straightforward. From beloved gospel scholar David Ridges comes The Doctrine and Covenants Made Easier Boxed Set! This valuable collection contains the complete text of the Doctrine and Covenants, Brother Ridges’s classic in-verse notes, and additional insights and commentary. Bring your family together and master latter-day scriptures with this helpful study companion.
9781462119455, 146211945X
$59.99 USDPaperbackReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462118458Gilly’s Treasures   

by Julie Murphy, Jay Fontano (Illustrated by)

Gilly the seagull loves finding treasures-especially bright, shiny seashells! But will this silly seagull miss the treasures already in his life? With beautiful illustrations and a story that’s fun to read aloud, this delightful picture book is perfect for children and parents alike.
9781462118458, 1462118453
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Fiction \ Social Themes \ Values & VirtuesSweetwater, 32 pages, 1 in Th

sheppards-last-lamb_9781462118533_webSheppard’s Last Lamb   

by Annalisa Hall, Alex Worthen (Illustrated by)

Sheppard Hill wants to be a wise man or an innkeeper in the Christmas pageant, but instead he gets stuck as a boring shepherd-all because of his name! What’s even worse, he’s stuck helping his younger sisters too. But when he begins to think of Christ, can he turn this terrible turn of events into the best Christmas pageant ever?
9781462118533, 1462118534
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADHardcoverJuvenile Fiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Holidays & CelebrationsBonneville, 32 pages, 10inW | 8inH | 1inTh

good-fast-eats_9781462119462Good Fast Eats   

by Amy Flanigan

Ready to eat in just under an hour, these recipes are healthy, delicious, and easy to make! With recipes like Eggs in Purgatory, Moo Shu Pork, and Cajun Spiced Cod, you won’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time cooking or cleaning up. Your family will love these fresh one-pot meals perfectly balanced with amazing ingredients and spices. Cooking has never been easier or more satisfying!
9781462119462, 1462119468
$19.99 USD, $22.99 CADPaperbackCooking \ Methods \ Quick & EasyFront Table, 144 pages, 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462119226Simply Tradition: 70 Fun and Easy Holiday Ideas for Families  

by Kierste Wade

Back-to-school ice cream sundaes, haunted gingerbread houses, and cereal nights in the park. Popular blogger Kierste Wade’s simple traditions will involve the whole family in the festivities of daily life. Bring the happiness home and make memories together all year long.
9781462119226, 1462119220
PaperbackFamily & Relationships \ ActivitiesPlain Sight, 192 pages, 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh

9781462119646Mormon Temples in America: Stories of Faith and Inspiration   

by Scott Jarvie

Explore all of America’s beautiful LDS temples in this comprehensive compilation! From Seattle, Washington to Palmyra, New York, renowned photographer Scott Jarvie explores each LDS temple in America and creates a detailed compilation including beautiful photos and information on each temple’s announcement, dedication, site, floor area, and exterior finish. Each temple section is also accompanied by faith-inspiring stories surrounding its history.
9781462119646, 1462119646
$49.99 USDHardcoverReligion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day SaintsCFI, 304 pages, 8.5inW | 11inH

9781462119059The Unsaid   

by Aaron Blaylock

Maggie, a heavenly curator of unspoken thoughts, is content to do her job while she waits for her turn in mortality. When Eric, her beholden, shows interest in the new girl at work, Maggie’s curiosity for the wonders of love and life cause her to forsake the rules in search of answers. But meddling in mortal affairs has consequences that Maggie could never have imagined…
9781462119059, 1462119050
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CADPaperbackFiction \ Christian \ FantasyBonneville, 208 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

9781462119240For This We Are Soldiers: Stories of the Frontier Army  

by Carla Kelly

From master storyteller Carla Kelly comes this collection of frontier tales that take you behind typical army lines and into the hearts of ordinary men and women who perform extraordinary acts of bravery. From handsome hospital stewards and dashing soldiers to courageous children and wives who will pull at your heartstrings, there’s something for everyone’s fancy.
9781462119240, 1462119247
$9.99 USD, $11.99 CADMass MarketFiction \ Romance \ WesternSweetwater, 240 pages, 4.25inW | 7inH | 1inTh

9781462119325The Christmas Bike   

by Tara Mayoros

Christmas is already going to be tough for Marie and her family. When her son’s bike is stolen on Christmas Eve, Marie doesn’t know what to do. If she doesn’t find the perfect bike pronto, Christmas will be ruined-and so will her son’s faith in Santa. But the real Christmas miracle may have started long before Marie began looking for one . . .
9781462119325, 1462119328
$5.99 USD, $6.99 CADPaperbackFiction \ HolidaysBonneville, 64 pages, 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

September 2016 New Releases from Cedar Fort!

9781462118687The Holy Ghost: Discovering Your Extraordinary New Gift

by Catherine Christensen, Illustrated by Jane Delve

Get to know the Holy Ghost, from baptism on! This engaging book provides fill-in-the-blank stories, coloring pages, and other fun activities for your kids to help get them ready to receive the Holy Ghost and rely on Him for the rest of their lives. Come to understand and feel the Spirit, one of the greatest gifts from God.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462118687, 1462118682
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Juvenile Nonfiction \ Activity Books
80 pages
8inW | 8inH | 1inTh

9781462119196Trusting Jesus Fireside CD

Ryan H. Sharp

Christ can only come into our lives when we invite Him. Ryan Sharp, popular youth speaker and author of Meeting Christ in the Book of Mormon, presents this inspiring fireside on the Savior’s life and love. He encourages you to more fully trust the Savior and embrace His sacrifice, no matter where you are in life-to guide you to greater happiness and assurance.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119196, 1462119190
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Audio CD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints

9871462119042Faith and a Life Jacket: 7 Truths for Your Eternal Mission

Ben Bernards

Don’t just be prepared-be prepared well. Ben Bernards, popular youth speaker, presents this adventurous book of seven guiding rules and lessons to help train a new generation of missionaries. These invaluable lessons, from God’s measure of success to unexpected difficulties in the field, will apply to any missionary’s call, readying them for the great and challenging experiences of the Lord’s work.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119042, 1462119042
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
128 pages
6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


9781462119165Inspire: 30 Uplifting Coloring Cards

Kelsey Carlson

Color your way to happiness! This portable coloring book of perforated cards is filled with fun whimsical illustrations and inspiring words that can lift any spirit! Escape into a world of coloring and inspiration. Discover. Dream. Share.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119165, 1462119166
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD
Games \ Activity Books
Plain Sight
64 pages
4inH | 6.25W | 1inTh

978146211742050 Fixes for Brownie Mixes

Aimee Berrett

Gooey, chewy, and chocolaty-brownies are everyone’s favorite dessert! Make brownies like you never dreamed possible with this collection of delicious recipes. Try the German chocolate brownies, brownie pancakes, or brownie-stuffed chocolate chip cookies. Easy to make and perfect for sharing or indulging, these mouth-watering, fudgy delights are a tasty treat for any occasion.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462117420, 1462117422
$19.99 USD, $21.99 CAD
Cooking \ Courses & Dishes \ Desserts
Front Table Books
128 pages
7 in W | 9 in H | 1 in Th

thanksgiving-giving-thanks-at-home_9781462119301Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks at Home (In the Kitchen)

Allison Waggoner

With the rustle of autumn leaves and the warm scent of pumpkin spices filling the air, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our hearts and kitchens. Inside Giving Thanks, you will find more than 55 recipes and photos to inspire new family dishes, traditions, and memories. Allison Waggoner, an award-winning chef and author of the fastest growing cookbook series, shares a collection of recipes that are easy to follow, and mouthwatering delights that will continue to inspire your time in the kitchen long after the holiday season. You’ll find appetizers, soups, breads, main dishes, and even a selection of desserts to make your table the talk of the holidays. A special cuisine inspired gift idea section is also included with special edible treats to take along as host gifts. Join Allison in celebrating her seventh book, Giving Thanks at Home for Thanksgiving, and continue giving love, thanks, and wonderful eats!

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119301, 1462119301
$6.99 USD
Cooking \ Holiday
Front Table
48 pages
5.5inW | 8.5inH

christmas-merry-moments-at-home-9781462119318Christmas: Merry Moments at Home (In the Kitchen)

Allison Waggoner

The Christmas season is a magical time of year, when we are surrounded by family, food, and laughter. Inside Merry Moments, you will find more than 55 recipes and photos to inspire new family dishes, traditions, and memories. Allison Waggoner, an award-winning chef and author of the fastest growing cookbook series, shares a collection of recipes that are easy to follow, and mouthwatering delights that will continue to inspire your time in the kitchen long after the holiday season. You’ll find appetizers, soups, breads, main dishes, and even a selection of desserts to make your table the talk of the holidays. A special cuisine inspired gift idea section is also included with special edible treats to take along as host gifts. Join Allison in celebrating her sixth book,Merry Moments at Home for Christmas, and continue giving love, thanks, and wonderful eats!

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119318, 146211931X
$6.99 USD
Cooking \ Holiday
Front Table
48 pages
5.5inW | 8.5inH

second-season-the_9781462118847The Second Season

Heather Chapman

Caroline is not looking forward to this year’s Season in London. Her mother already has schemes for her marriage prospects-and none of them include love, it seems. But when a dashing young duke begins to pursue her, Caroline has second thoughts. Caught between ambition and desire, Caroline may gamble her heart away without even realizing it . . .

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462118847, 1462118844
$13.99 USD, $15.99 CAD
Fiction \ Romance \ Historical \ Regency
192 pages
6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


9781462118656The Cursed Dagger

Alyson Peterson

In order to break an evil curse, Ian Quicksilver, heir to the Bankhirian throne, has two weeks to get Princess Arianna to fall for him. But first he must take care of a rampaging dragon and a maniacal magician before they destroy his home town! He’ll have to find the courage to save two worlds-and pass his classes-in this witty sci-fi adventure.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462118656, 1462118658
$17.99 USD, $21.00 CAD
Juvenile Fiction \ Fantasy & Magic
320 pages
5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

9781462119080Ella’s Will

Jessilyn Stewart Peaslee

Will Hawkins is just a mere stable boy. How can he ever think to woo Ella, his once-wealthy childhood friend who is stubbornly independent, especially when his competition is the prince? Without any magic or fairy godmothers, Will must show Ella that he is her true prince charming in this perspective twist of the Cinderella story.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462119080, 1462119085
$16.99 USD, $19.99 CAD
Fiction \ Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
272 pages
5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh


 last-messenger-of-zitol-the_9781462118960The Last Messenger of Zitol

Chelsea Dyreng

When Rishi is kidnapped and taken to Zitól, she faces an unthinkable future: she is to be sacrificed to appease the gods. To survive in this place, where greed, lust, and fear eclipse compassion, Rishi befriends the selfish and ignorant king, only to discover that he may not have the power to save her after all.

Release Date: September 13, 2016
9781462118960, 1462118968
$17.99 USD, $21.00 CAD
Juvenile Fiction \ Love & Romance
304 pages
6inW | 9inH | 1inTh




9781462127085Growing Up with Conference: Practical Ways to Make General Conference Fun Year-round (e-book)

Emilee Reynolds, Cassie Lytle, and Tiffany McDaniel

Make General Conference fun year-round!

From the creators of the Sweetly Made (Just For You) website comes a new book filled with fun and creative ways to get your family excited for General Conference, including crafts, recipes, FHE lessons, and more!

With this book you will get:
– Easy to follow DIY crafts
– Full-color photographs
– Memorable FHE lessons to use before and after general conference
– Gospel tools to motivate families
– Scripture references and quotes
– Easy, affordable recipes
– Link to FREE printables
– Dozens of tips to prepare for conference

E-book: 978-1-4621-2708-5
$3.99 USD

August 2016 releases from Cedar Fort!

Blessing-the-Nephite-Children_9781462118755_webBlessing the Nephite Children

Catherine Christensen, Illustrated by Jay Fontano

Snuggle up with your kids and learn about Jesus’s visit to the Nephites. This colorful board book is perfectly designed for little fingers and small attention spans. Experience the beauty of Christ’s personal love in the Book of Mormon with your little ones and come to see the ways the Savior reaches out to them today.

9781462118755, 1462118755
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Board Book
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 20 pages 6inW | 6inH

Red-Porsche_9781462117864The Red Porsche (You’re Worth It): And Other Topics for Youth

David J. Ridges

Imagine a brand-new, pristine, cherry-red Porsche-and remember that you’re worth way more than that! Bestselling author David Ridges puts youth of the noble birthright behind the wheel of discovering how to recognize the Spirit, change lives, realize their potential, and much more. Learn to rev your spiritual engine and take control of your destiny, continuing up the road back to God.

9781462117864, 1462117864
$10.99 USD, $12.99 CAD
Juvenile Nonfiction \ Religious \ Christian
CFI 112 pages 5.5 in | 7.5

Letters-from-Home-9781462118762_webLetters from Home: How to Lift Your Missionary and Unify Your Family

Robert Quinn, Shauri Dewey

Let your child’s mission transform your whole family. This empowering book will teach you how to turn the pain of separation in to joyful communion. Learn to read and write by the Spirit, making each letter from home a precious message that draws you and your missionary closer to God and to each other. Realize the promised blessings of missionary service for your entire family as you serve the Lord together.

“Most of us have framed our weekly letters to our missionaries and family members in far-away places as newsletters. Bob Quinn has framed this weekly ritual differently. By becoming missionaries ourselves, our letters can be written to inspire and motivate our family members to teach each other how to build the kingdom of God. This is an inspiring book.”
-Clayton Christensen, bestselling author of The Power of Everyday Missionaries

9781462118762, 1462118763
$16.99 USD, $19.99 CAD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 256 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


When-the-Lights-Came-On_9781462118816When the Lights Came On: Joseph Smith and the Return of Heavenly Manifestations

Trevan G. Hatch
Step back in time and watch the Restoration! Learn how God began the Restoration process even before Joseph stepped into the Sacred Grove in 1820. This insightful book highlights overlooked but significant facts, shedding new light on well-known events. Filled with contemporary first-person accounts, this faith-promoting book will help you recognize God’s hand in this final dispensation.

9781462118816, 146211881X
$14.99 USD, $16.99 CAD
Religion \ Christianity \ Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints
CFI 224 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Temple-Reflecions_9781462118991_WEBTemple Reflections: Insights into the House of the Lord

Alonzo L. Gaskill

Understanding the temple is the pursuit of a lifetime. To help you on this journey, bestselling author Alonzo L. Gaskill has compiled this collection of his own temple insights. With chapters on the garment, the role of women in temple ceremonies, what it means to be God’s covenant people, and more, this enlightening book will help you see the temple in a new light.

9781462118991, 1462118992
$21.99 USD, $25.99 CAD Hardcover
Religion \ Christian Rituals & Practice
CFI 272 pages 6inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Temples-Dot-the-Earth_9781462118427Temples Dot the Earth by Claire D’Ecsery, Illustrated by Kinsey Beckett

Families are forever all over the world! Teach your children about these beautiful temples. This board book includes maps dotted with temples to help your youngsters understand that the Lord loves every family, no matter where their home may be.

9781462118427, 1462118429 $9.99 USD
Board Book
Juvenile Fiction \ Religious \ Christian \ Learning Concepts
Pioneer Plus 16 pages 6inW | 6inH | 1inTh


cooking-through-college_9781462118663Cooking Through College: When You Can’t Stand Instant Noodles Another Day

Chelsea Jackson, A. N. Gephart

Tired of late-night popcorn stomachaches and greasy Chinese take-out stains on your bargain duvet? Stop wasting your money on cheap junk food and start investing it in delicious meals that won’t break your budget or disappoint your taste buds. Perfect for college students of all ages, these quick-and-easy recipes will satisfy your cravings in no time at all.

9781462118663, 1462118666 $15.99 USD
Cooking \ Methods \ Quick & Easy
Front Table Books 256 pages 7inW | 9inH | 1inTh


Multicooker-Cookbook_9781462119172Multicooker Cookbook: In the Kitchen

Allison Waggoner

A multicooker simply is a one-stop cooking pot which can roast, sauté, slow cook, steam, stew, sous vide, make yogurt, cook rice, and last but not least, bake!

You have the ease of cooking savory meals that simmer all day, but also imagine baking decadent cakes and breads to surprise and delight, or making tempting breakfast treats that nobody can resist.

The flexibility of the multicooker, together with over 220 recipes and photos included in this book, will surprise and inspire you to create enticing new menus. Find easy to follow recipes to create yummy specialized dishes.

Step into the world of multicooking, and together with these exhilarating new recipes, be galvanized into the next generation of one-stop cooking pot deliciousness.

9781462119172, 1462119174 $29.99 USD
Cooking \ Methods \ Special Appliances
Front Table Books 224 pages 7 in | 9 in


Enchanted-Kingdom_9781462119066Enchanted Kingdom: A Fairy-Tale Coloring Book

Kimberly Kay, A. N. Gephart

Meet dazzling princesses, fantastic creatures, and enchanting princes in disguise in this beautifully intricate art. Abandon your cares as you color your way through a magical forest far, far away that’s perfect for artists of all ages. You’ll soon fall under the stress-relieving spell of this inky fantasy!

9781462119066, 1462119069 $14.99 USD
Games \ Activity Books
Plain Sight 80 pages 9inW | 9inH | 1inTh



Dear-Jane-9781462118939Dear Jane

Rachel Ward

The plan was to serve a mission, marry her boyfriend, and live happily ever after. But all of that changed when Quinn got a Dear Jane email. Now she’s stuck at home with no boyfriend, no job, no major, and absolutely no social life. Will Quinn ever find the path that leads to her eternal happiness?

9781462118939, 1462118933 $16.99 USD
Fiction \ Romance \ Contemporary
Bonneville 256 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh





Echoing-978146211894The Echoing

Jessica Blackburn

Rylee has an unusual gift. It brings good luck to those who are kind to her and misfortune to those who are not-at least, that’s what the crazy woman in the woods tells her. But Rylee doesn’t believe it until strange coincidences start happening to her classmates and friends. Her gift may not be a matter of luck but of life and death.

9781462118946, 1462118941 $14.99 USD
Juvenile Fiction \ Fantasy & Magic
Bonneville 224 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh





Accidentally-Me_9781462118670Accidentally Me

Kim Karras

WANTED: Pretend stalker. No experience required. Tall, dark, and quirky preferred. Sabrina is desperate to go to her dream college, but her parents want her to stay close to home. If she wants to maintain her perfect child image, Sabrina must break rules that even her rebel sister keeps . . .

9781462118670, 1462118674 $15.99 USD, $18.99 CAD
Juvenile Fiction \ Social Themes \ Self-Esteem & Self-Reliance
Sweetwater 256 pages 5.5inW | 8.25inH | 1inTh

July releases from Cedar Fort!

The latest books from Cedar Fort, all out now!

Southern-on-a-Shoestring_9781462118519Southern on a Shoestring

Kim McCallie
Capture the spirit of Southern cooking without financial sacrifice! This book contains easy tips for tasty Southern dishes meals like Honey Lime Cilantro Wings, Grits-Stuffed Shrimp, and Pecan Pie. You’ll even find advice for using leftovers and pantry staples to whip up a delicious Dixie meal. Enjoy the comfort and hospitality of the South—no matter where you live or what your budget!
Front Table Books
208 pages; 8 in x 9 in


sigil-in-shadow_9781462118731Sigil in Shadow

Constance Roberts
One lie saved Ellary’s life, but another may cause her to lose it. With just a few simple words, Ellary goes from poverty to nobility—and lands right in the middle of a society that will soon crumble under the weight of hierarchy. The only way to survive is to assume the role that she was never prepared for, or her future will rest at the of tip of a blade.
ISBN: 9781462118731
National YA Fantasy
256 pages – 5.5 x 8.25 in.





Dutch-Oven-Favorites_9781462118984Dutch Oven Favorites: More of the Best from the Black Pot

Mark Hansen
Unleash the potential power of the most versatile pot in your kitchen! Make the best Dutch oven meals with over 80 easy-to-follow recipes in this collection. Enjoy traditional dishes, like Long-Roasted Beef Brisket and Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, or take a bite out of more elaborate recipes, including Venison Stew and Tandoori Chicken—and don’t forget Pecan Date Pie for dessert!
Front Table Books
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1898-4
176 pages – 6 x 9 in.



LDS-Organ-Playing_9781462118472_webLDS Organ Playing: From Ivory Keys to Organ Pedals

Brandon Eden
Expand your musical talents and bring the hymns to life! Handy for beginning organists with a piano background, this quick-start guide will teach you which keyboard to use, what buttons to push, and how to play the pedals. Complete with hymns adapted for the organ, LDS Organ Playing will give you the tools you need to become successful and confident on the bench.
ISBN: 9781462118472
LDS nonfiction / music
48 pages – 8.5 x 11 in.
Saddlestitch binding



Reaching-Through-the-Veil_9781462118717_webReaching Through the Veil: Angels in Everyday Life

Sherrie Anthony
We are not alone in this life. God sends angels to teach, protect, warn, and comfort each of us in our individual circumstances. With tender stories and profound insights, this book highlights the different types of angels, the roles they play in mortality, and how we can grow closer to our family members on the other side. Recognize the angels at work in your own life!
ISBN: 9781462118717
LDS nonfiction / eschatology
224 pages – 6 x 9 in.




Open-your-mouth_9781462118922Open Your Mouth! What to Say When Sharing the Gospel

Mark A. Matthews
Confidently share the joyful gift of the gospel! The message of the Restoration has the potential to change the world—all we need to do is open our mouths. This encouraging book outlines how to use the Bible in member-missionary work, testify of Joseph Smith, and invite others to come unto Christ. Remember, we’re not asked to convert, just to extend the invitation. So open your mouth and testify!
LDS nonfiction
176 pages – 6 x 9 in.



Courage-Stories-of-100-People-9781462119097Courage: Stories of 100 People Who Changed the World

Roy Russell
Courage is saving the lives of not only your comrades, but also your enemies. Courage is not giving up even though your last five pairs of legs have. Courage is standing up by sitting down. This book, filled with 100 stories of people who changed the world in their own courageous way, will help you discover your own courage.
Plain Sight
ISBN: 9781462119097
National Nonfiction: History
336 pages, 6 x 9 inches




Confident-House-Hunter_9781462118977The Confident House Hunter: A Home Inspector’s Tips for Finding Your Perfect House

Dylan Chalk
With a zillion houses out there, find your perfect home in the midst of imperfection. In The Confident House Hunter, home inspector Dylan Chalk weaves over a decade of home inspection experience into stories and tips with easy-to-understand language, teaching homebuyers and real estate professionals how to look at and understand houses like a pro.
Plain Sight
ISBN: 9781462118977
National Nonfiction
288 pages – 6 inches x 9 inches