Fiction Fest: A look inside Janice Sperry’s ‘The Rebel Princess’

Rebel Princess 2x3 WEB

Janice Sperry’s “The Rebel Princess” is the first up in this month’s Fiction Fest excerpt series.

About the book:

Meet the upside-down fairy-tale princess! Raven Perilous is not nice because nice princesses get locked in towers. When Prince Charming shows up, Raven—who is not in distress—decides to show him who’s boss. This enchanting adventure, filled with magic forests and mystical creatures, will captivate fans of fairy tales everywhere!

This book will be released on June 10.


The classroom door opened before anyone else had a chance to read their poem. Our vice principal, Ms. Darkwing, entered. “Mrs. Anders, I have a new student for your class.”

Ms. Darkwing stepped aside to reveal the cutest boy I’d ever seen. His teeth even sparkled when he smiled. It was the first time I’d seen white teeth on a boy my age, except for Edgar, who cheated.

“Welcome to our class, young man. What is your name?”

“Eric Charming.”

Every girl sighed, except for me. Charming? You’ve got to be kidding. A boy with the name of Charming only meant one thing—my fairy-tale roots had caught up to me.

My nemesis had arrived.