Fiction Fest: A peek inside Annette Haws’ ‘The Accidental Marriage’

Accidental-Marriage,-TheDecember is a lonely month for our fiction releases, but somehow we think Annette Haws’ “The Accidental Marriage” will do just fine soaking up the leftover promotional space.

About the book:
Love is hard work—something Nina and Elliot didn’t anticipate when they rushed into marriage. Thinking their passion would conquer all, they never anticipated that cooking mishaps, laundry disasters, and a tug-of-war with a possessive mother-in-law could push them to the brink of divorce so quickly. If their marriage is going to survive, Nina and Elliot must not let pride stand in the way of their promise.

“The Accidental Marriage” is our only fiction release this month and will be released on Dec. 10, 2013. You can pre-order it right now from online retailers.


One of the perils of long distance romance are weekends with an unfamiliar family which means  shared bathrooms, over exposure, too much conversation or not enough, parents lurking around tapping watches, and  awkward silences. Time to go; time to stay? Good luck, Elliot. 

“Why don’t you come for conference weekend?” She said. “The whole family’s coming for dinner on Sunday.”

Maybe that sounded like Disneyland to her, but not to him. He’d be tripping over her brothers and their kids and not getting any of the inside jokes, and Nina had told him her family was big on inside jokes. But, she wasn’t going to make the drive to Logan any time soon, that was clear. This was his shot at reconciliation, and he was more than a little anxious, so he’d head down to Rushforth Central where a couple of dozen chaperones, in all sizes, were ready to pounce.  It ought to be a great weekend.

Saturday morning, he stood on the welcome mat looking two stories up at the large, paned window over the massive oak door. This house looming over him was bigger than any of the churches he’d attended in Scotland if he didn’t count the cathedrals. He pushed the doorbell and it didn’t just ring, it played the University of Utah fight song. What was that about? They needed five measures and a cause to find their way to the entry? He ran his fingers through his hair and grasped the broken handle on his high school gym bag.

He’d get inside and discover that this probably wasn’t a house at all. It was a maze full of booby traps and daunting obstacles, a test for intrepid suitors to determine their worthiness. A brother was probably waiting inside the door with a blindfold in hand to escort Elliot to the “Enter here.” If he could make his way back–intact–to the front door in less than two days, he’d win the hand of the beautiful but reluctant princess who probably would need more time for serious thinking, so what was the point anyway. Maybe he’d fall down a trapdoor after a few wrong turns and vanish himself.