Fiction Fest: Another slice of Rachel McClellan’s ‘Fractured Truth’

Fractured-Truth_2x3For those of you who have been waiting for Rachel McClellan’s final book in the Fractured Light series, the time is here. “Fractured Truth” is available in bookstores and from online retailers.

To tide you over, here’s an excerpt from the new book, which concludes the series started by Books 1 and 2, “Fractured Light” and “Fractured Soul,” respectively.


In “Fractured Truth,” Llona learns that the person she loves the most is alive! But it doesn’t take her long to realize that maybe it’s better for the dead to stay dead.

A drop of rain fell on my arm, followed by another. The more it rained, the more relaxed I became. At least it wasn’t snow. There were no cars on the road. Just me attempting to balance my way along the yellow line in the center of the road. Always balancing.

“Llona?” a voice called from my right.

I stopped.

“Over here.”

I turned slowly and stared into the forest. A dark figure stood deep within the shadows. I probably wouldn’t have gone, but I knew the voice. My knees went weak, and as I went to take a step I almost fell. “Christian?”

The figure said nothing but remained still.

I continued forward, having to know for sure. If only the sun were out, I’d be able to see better.

As I drew closer, his features came into focus. But so did something else, and I stopped, shaking my head. “No,” I whispered, tears stinging my eyes.

“I’m so sorry, Llona.”

By the way I was feeling, light-headed and dizzy, I knew Cyrus had bit him. Christian had Vyken poison inside him. My strength gave out, and I fell to the ground.

Christian came to me and knelt down. “I won’t hurt you.”

I shook my head again, unable to look at him. I couldn’t bear the thought of him having to fight the constant darkness. I would never want that fate for him.

He touched me then. His fingers caressed my cheek and slid gently to my chin. He tilted my face up.

The tears clouding my vision fell now, warming my cheek.

He was even more handsome than I remembered. His hair was the same light brown, shorter than before, and his eyes were an even brighter blue, like the color of sapphires illuminated by white light.

He smiled at me and opened his mouth to speak, but before he could, I was scrambling into his arms. They came around me and held me tight.

I ignored the intense dizzy feeling and just breathed him in. All those nights that I’d wished for just one more moment with Christian—that moment was here. Rain poured onto us, but I’d never felt warmer.

We were together.