Fiction Fest: More ‘Truth’ from Rachel McClellan

Fractured-Truth_2x3Good morning, class, welcome to today’s edition of Fiction Fest, where we work hard to give you a look at the fruits of our hustling and bustling fiction team.

Today’s excerpt comes from the third and final book in Rachel McClellan’s Fractured Light series. “Fractured Truth” is available in bookstores and from online retailers, as are its predecessors “Fractured Light” and “Fractured Soul.”

Although this is the third excerpt from this book that we’ve shared this month, it is not the last. Tune in again next week for another excerpt from this book.


Determined to find Sophie and the other kidnapped Auras, Llona ventures with Liam into a supposed abandoned warehouse to search for clues. If only all she found were stupid clues!

I opened the door slowly. A breeze blasted me in the face, and I reared back from the shock of it. Liam placed his hand at the small of my back as if to steady me.

“Do you sense anything?” he asked.

I focused my Auran senses. They tingled with a familiar dizziness. “Vykens.”

“How many?”

I took a deep breath. The feeling was strong. “I can’t tell. It could be a lot or it could just be a few super close.”

“We need to go,” Liam said, taking hold of my arm.

“No! Vykens are here for a reason. We need to know why.” He pulled me close. “I won’t risk your life for this.”

“I have to know,” I said and shrugged my arm away from his grip.

I opened the door wide, spilling what little light there was into what appeared to be a massive room. A turbulent wind raced through the doorway, twisting my hair in every direction. Reaching up, I smoothed and twisted it into a loose bun, securing it with a rubber band that had been around my wrist.

“This is such a bad idea,” he said while he searched both sides of the door, probably looking for a light. I could barely hear him over the loud humming.

“That wind—it’s got to be some kind of industrial fan, right?”

“Probably.” Liam clicked something behind me. “No lights. Let’s get out of here.”

I stepped one foot into the room and closed my eyes, focusing both my hearing and the part of me that sensed Vykens. I couldn’t hear anything but the fans, but every other part of me sensed more Vykens than just a few. My skin wasn’t just tingling, it was burning.

“Llona?” Liam asked.

“You’re right. Let’s go. We’ll come back later with the others.” I took one step backward to join Liam in the open doorway when all of a sudden he was shoved into me, and together we stumbled into the room.

The door slammed shut.