March LDS nonfiction titles have Mother’s Day theme

March LDS releasesMother’s Day is two months away, but it’s never too early to think about Mom, especially if she’s a reader.

David Ridges, Alonzo Gaskill, and Kevin Hinckley are the sources for this month’s releases, which drop on March 11, 2014.



“A Mother’s Perfect Hope” by David Ridges

“And God saw that it was good.” Find a healthy view of yourself as God’s work in progress in this booklet by David J. Ridges. He teaches that even during the darkest days, when beset by self doubt, hope weaves its way through the unpredictability of daily life. Having a “perfect brightness of hope” means having confidence while you work through your imperfections, not after you’ve worked through them.



“The Lost Teachings of Jesus on the Sacred Place of Women”
by Alonzo Gaskill


“The wife and the mother are the inappreciable treasures given unto you by God. They are the fairest ornaments of existence, and of them shall be born all the inhabitants of the world.” This extra-biblical text, thought to be the words of Christ, is presented and explained by Alonzo Gaskill where he expounds the divine role of women in the gospel and family. This book will help you learn how to better appreciate and respect women and their part in God’s plan.


Husband-Whisperer, The_2x3“The Husband Whisperer:
The Gentle Approach to Communication in Marriage”

by Kevin Hinckley

Manipulation, threats, and anger only lead to harm and hurt feelings. Horse whisperers know that the best way to communicate in relationships is with a touch of gentleness. In The Husband Whisperer, Kevin Hinckley (MEd, LPC) shows women how to use their divine nature and to listen to the Spirit in order to bring peace into their marriages.